Are You Ready To Try Out These Home Remedies For Hair Growth?

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Hair fall, dandruff, slow hair growth and poor texture of hair are common problems. Needless to mention, the more common the problem, the more readily available are the solutions. Every second home has a solution for your hair problem—while someone will come up with the name of that perfect shampoo which has worked wonders for her (in preventing) hair fall, there are others who just can’t wait to help you with their infallible solutions for combating dandruff. As much as the solutions are so readily available, you, quite strangely, will not be able to see “results” as expected. You might as well be flooded with suggestions to address your hair problems– only to be left thoroughly confounded. Which of the suggestions will work the best for you? Will it have any side effect? Should you, at all, try these suggestions out? The questions are as varied as the solutions are. In such a scenario it will only be prudent to go through a streamlined list of natural remedies for hair growth. Hope our primer will be of help.

Home Remedies F0r Hair Growth: What You Need To Understand

If you have come across totally contradictory solutions to hair growth (from two different sources) then you should understand that these suggestions are coming from different people with different textures of hair. What worked for a particular type of hair might not have yielded results for a different type of mane. Keeping their hectic schedules in view, it can easily be said that most of the modern women out there fail to shell out proper time to stick to an intense home based hair care routine. They are primarily depending on the chemical laden shampoos and conditioners for results. However, chemicals have their own favorites. While they work wonders for certain types of hair, they end up yielding quite opposite results for others. Quite often you would hear two different women having starkly different opinions about the same shampoo. In that case, it can well be said that the home remedies for hair growth offered here have greater chances of delivering. So, read on!

Grow Hair

Home Remedies For Hair: A Few Tips To Help you

Egg masks, castor oil, henna and aloe vera are a few of the common natural hair growth remedies. We will discuss them – but not before acquainting you with the fact that stress is one of the major factors causing hair problems. Stress is considered to be the prime culprit causing your hair to enter the telogen or the fallout phase. If you say that it’s impossible to remain completely stress-free with your work related tensions, we would say that there are meditation and other relaxation techniques to keep anxieties at bay. So, resolve to fortify your hair care regime keeping this factor in view. Keep your stress at bay.

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Besides stress, there are other factors contributing to hair thinning and hair loss as well. And, what exactly are these factors? Find out below:

And, here are your Home remedies for hair problems.

Take Care of Your Diet

Take Care of Your Diet

Since nutritional deficiencies are considered to be the chief cause of hair fall, please take care to steer clear of it at any cost. Consume foods rich in zinc, proteins, vitamins A, B, C, and E, copper, iron, magnesium and selenium. Cheese, milk, eggs, yoghurt, parsley, cabbage, cheese, bell pepper, avocado and grapefruit should be a regular feature of your diet. Eggs which can be whipped up as effective hair mask are rich in protein. Hence, they’re recommended for hair growth.

Potato juice can be applied to your hair to encourage its growth as well— particularly because potato is rich in vitamins A, B and C. Leave the juice for 15 minutes and wash it off with shampoo after that. It is a fairly secret remedy to address hair concerns.

Rosemarry Oil

Use Rosemarry Oil

Rosemerry oil is very effective for bolstering blood circulation. When you apply this particular oil in your hair it helps in cell division and expansion of blood vessels. This particular oil can be used in conjunction with the shampoo or conditioners. Massage your scalp very slowly with the combination and experience results within an acceptable time frame.

Flip your hair

Flip Your Hair

Flip your hair upside down for two to five minutes daily. This is a very easy but lesser known trick to encourage hair growth. And, how exactly will it help you in your search for that lustrous mane? It will encourage blood circulation thereby bolstering overall health of your hair.

Aloe Vera

Consider Aloe Vera

As already mentioned above, aloe-vera is a go-to product for every other girl grappling slow hair growth. Aloe vera restores the natural luster of hair and removes dandruff as well. Aloe vera gel can work in conjunction with coconut milk or lemon juice. Leave the mixture for around 20 minutes on your hair and then wash it off. Use aloe vera on your hair for every one or two week/s. Have aloe vera juice on a regular basis as well.

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Now that you have come across the list of some of the most effective home remedies for hair growth, do you think that it is that difficult to follow such a hair care routine—even if you have a hectic schedule to deal with? It’s so strange that we aren’t ready to spend around half an hour every week to apply aloe vera gel on our hair. Think carefully. Are we that busy? Really?

Make sure you ARE shelling out the required time to ensure that all these remedies work infallibly on your hair. However, be duly informed about the fact that your efforts to deal with your hair concerns will be seriously thwarted by underlying problem (if at all they are there) like severe infections, thyroid, chronic illness and hormonal imbalance.

Hope the aforementioned tips have been of help. Make sure you’re adopting these measures on a long term basis to ward off problems.  Best of luck!

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