Combating Obesity: Discover A Few Home Remedies For Weight Loss

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Combating obesity turns out to be difficult when you lose steam midway. You might have embarked on your weight-loss journey with a lot of determination but you are faced with a terrible lack of inspiration as you are a few days in to your weight loss regime. This supposed “lack of inspiration” might stem from no visible or measurable changes (regarding weight loss) or just because you fail to follow the strict fitness routine owing to your hectic schedule. Or else, you are just not able to demonstrate the will power with which you started your journey. There might as well be many causes—but the result is the same—inability to cure obesity. Obesity is not an uncommon problem. As such, there is no dearth of health articles targeted primarily towards obese people. Most of the health guides out there will tell you that persistence is key to combating obesity and we will say the same thing. Yes, dedication and perseverance are crucial to your success here. However, you need to back your commitment with the right kind of planning. You aren’t unaware of the demerits of obesity – obvious health risks, visually oddity and (perhaps) the constant onslaught of weight-loss suggestions from the friends and family and even from lesser known folks! Your emotional stress only compounds with your folks reminding you that you lack the due will power to beat weight issues.

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There, obviously, are several ways to address obesity—including diet and exercises. Today, however, we will be focusing on few of the most effective home remedies for weight loss. Do read on!

Home remedies

Start Slowly :

Embarking on an impractical weight loss journey is not advisable. And, by “impractical” we mean doing something unthinkable to start with. We will offer you a very simple example here. If sugar is a regular feature of your platter then it would only be unrealistic to assume that you will cut down sugar totally from your diet just in a day or two. Setting these goals is only a waste of time since they (i.e. these goals) are not sustainable. Take baby steps towards your goals, instead!  Start off by taking lower levels of sugar. Our bodies generally metabolize differently to sugar. As an overweight individual you should aim towards cutting down processed sugar and artificial sweeteners from your diet. Start checking the ingredients of a particular food before taking it in. Monosodium Glutamate, for instance, is a chemical which is primarily found in frozen or packaged dinners, processed snacks and frito lay snacks. It can be regarded as one of the major factors responsible for adding to your weight woes and is often displayed with fake names- hydrolyzed corn, autolyzed soy, autolyzed corn, or hydrolyzed yeast etc- on packets. Be on your strongest guard against such tricks.


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Try to Have The Healthy Mixture Of Lemon Juice And Honey In Water Everyday :

This remains one of the most tried methods of addressing weight loss. This remedy is generally known to work quite fast. The simple mixture can be prepared by the method described below:

Take a glass of water, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey. Just add the honey and the lemon juice in water and stir and mix it well. Make sure you are having this every day as the first thing in the morning in empty stomach. There are a few experts who suggest that you can even have this mixture before going to bed at night. However, people commonly have this in the early morning. Reportedly, you would be able to shed off at least 8 pounds every week in this manner.

Organic Tea for Weight loss

Organic Tea: Once Again a Much Favored Option :

Regardless of whether you’re a fitness freak or not, people who are even remotely concerned about those extra pounds turn to organic tea. Tea, in general, is considered to be healthy owing to its nutrients. The presence of nutrients would mean that you would feel less hungry than usual thereby curbing your appetite in a natural way. Out of all the home remedies for weight loss described here, this one perhaps makes for one of the easier ones which can be tried by you. So, do not hesitate to explore its benefits at the first place!

Turning to detoxifying tea for the entire day will only result in better metabolism. In your quest for a better physical shape you are required to your digestive system intact, break down the accumulated fat and remove the toxins from your body. The elimination of the toxins leads to better functioning of your body and improved metabolism. Detoxifying tea can be prepared by the following method:

  • Wake up in the morning and boil around four cups of water
  • Then go on to add coriander, fennel and cumin seeds to the boiling water
  • After allowing it to boil for around more than 5 minutes or so, filter the tea and keep it in a thermos flask

Take this preparation throughout the day and make sure that it is tolerably warm when you are having it.

Experts Fenerally Advice Against The Intake of Bread :

Bread does not have any nutrient to offer you. So, there is absolutely no room for you to feel “filled”. And as such, you want more food throughout the day whereas your stomach is filled with the bread.

cabbage for weight loss

Both Ginger And Cabbage Are Wonderful Solutions To Your Problems :

Ginger is a common herb that remains one of the most commonly used cooking items in Asia. It is commonly associated with a range of medical purposes. However, very few people are aware of its utility when it comes to addressing obesity. The herb is responsible for bolstering the pH level of stomach thereby improving the digestive system. This, in turn, results in quick absorption of nutrients as well as cleansing of the unimportant nutrients. Your body is better prepared to store fat and use up energy efficiently. As per studies, since ginger is capable of bolstering your metabolism rate even by 20% so it is useful for not only treating obesity but lowering cholesterol levels significantly as well. You can consume ginger with tea or else chew it on a regular basis before meals.

Cabbage (rich in fiber, vitamin C and other nutrients) remains one of the vegetables with the lowest calorie count. Include cabbage as a frequent feature of your diet and stop the carbs and sugar from being converted in to fat. There are very few vegetables which contain such incredibly low levels of fat as cabbage does.  It’s the tartaric acid, present in cabbage, which stops the carbs and sugar from getting transformed in to fat.

Count your calories For weight loss

Count Your Calories at Every Step :

Having around 7 to 10 cups of tea with two spoons of sugar every day? How much calorie does that add to? Taking the steps instead of the lift? How much calorie does that burn? Are you maintaining the perfect balance between your food and exercise? Athletes, for instance, eat well and then burn the calories by exercising. Eating isn’t all that bad. Watching your calories not only helps you be on your guard against putting on, but also motivates you – kind of- in a systematic fashion.

Weight Loss

Conclusion : 

Charity begins at home and so does your search for a better physical shape! The home remedies for weight loss might as well seem very easy to be integrated into your daily routine but the reality might turn out to be quite different. For instance, it will definitely take some time to “tune” your taste buds to the apparently insipid detoxifying tea. However, acclimatization remains a matter of time. If trying these home remedies seems to be a difficult task to begin with, hitting the gym would seem uphill. When we are talking about the baby steps towards fitness, we are saying that start things from home. Start believing in yourself. Set short term goals instead of adopting a grueling schedule all of a sudden only to come up with underwhelming results later on.

Weight loss is a long drawn process. You cannot expect to knock off pounds in a day or two! That is not only unrealistic but harsh on yourself too! It is better to have practical expectations and bolster chances of succeeding instead of being misled by overwhelming aspirations. Educate yourself more about weight loss. The aforementioned tips are mostly suitable for people of all body types. However, if you are mulling a strict diet or grueling gym schedule it is always better to consult a doctor since the same exercise or diet might not as well comply with each and every body type out there.

Make an informed decision. And, be resolute. Don’t let yourself question your own will power. Depression has its own ways of contributing to obesity. Obesity can also be addressed through surgeries – but that again, is regarded as the last resort—only when a carefully followed diet and fitness regime has failed you!

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