Going To Embrace Motherhood Soon? Here Are A Few Facts About An Ideal Fat Loss Program For Women

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So, you have just received one of the most coveted news of your life! You are going to embrace motherhood soon but are faced with the imminent concern of gaining weight- right? It is very true that weight gain becomes a natural phenomenon when you are pregnant. Women are prone to add a few kilos this time owing to the increased weight of the fetus, uterine, placenta and the breast growth. Plus there is the constant storage of amniotic fluids needed for the nourishment of the baby.

So, how exactly should you lose weight during pregnancy? Is there any rigorous fat loss program which you should follow during this time? We will unlock answers to such questions and more in this particular post. Please make sure you’re reading on.

lose weight during pregnancy

What is considered to be the best weight loss program during pregnancy?

If you are mulling a painstaking weight loss program right after learning about your pregnancy then you would perhaps be committing one of the worst mistakes of your life. Doctors, in general, advice against resorting to such weight loss programs when you are pregnant. In fact soon-to- be mommies are rightly expected to put on some weight, keeping the baby’s health in view. Read on for more details.

All those women who have already started researching on the best weight loss program during pregnancy should understand that even obese women are asked to put on some weight during this time. If you are a normal weight woman, you should ideally add something around 10 to 15 kilograms to your frame, obese and overweight females can gain around 11-20 pounds, while those who are underweight should ideally gain up to 18 kgs during pregnancy!

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So, if you are really thinking about resorting to regular exercises for weight loss during pregnancy you should consider consulting your doctor first. There is no jumping on to fitness regimes without seeking medical advice first. There might as well be the need to add those extra pounds during pregnancy but your doctor will definitely advice against gaining unnecessary flesh during this time. You can resort to some light exercises but only after discussing details with the doctor. If your weight loss during pregnancy is a medical necessity then you would be duly advised by your obstetrician and physician regarding the safety methods.



In order to avoid the “unnecessary” weight gain which has already been talked about, make sure you are steering clear of fatty foods including white cheese, white crackers and sugary drinks. However, since there is need for a balanced caloric intake for the baby you can consider these food items:

  • Non fat sorbet and not ice cream
  • Banana smoothie
  • Unsaturated fats including canola oil, olive oil and peanut oil
  • All the food items rich in folate including broccoli, orange juice, spinach among others
  • The choice of healthy snacks over “sugar-heavy” desserts and processed food items is definitely a sagacious one as well!
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Since pregnancy is a time to refrain from alcoholic drinks, it remains an ideal time for obese women to reduce a few kilos down the line. In fact, mommies during this particular time is driven by the strong motivation (of refraining from alcohol) of doing it all for the baby. While weight gain during pregnancy is a normal affair, it is during the first trimester when most of the would-be-mommies out there tend to shed a few kilos owing to the general nauseating tendencies for which they cannot retain food for long.

exercise during pregnancy


Pregnant women are free to resort to light exercises – however, it should ideally be under strict medical supervision. These exercises can turn out to be duly beneficial when it comes to losing post pregnancy weight. They are also effective when it comes to offering relief from typical pregnancy aches, maintaining emotional health and minimizing the risk of complications. While moderate walking, cycling and swimming are allowed you are strictly advised against indulging in heavy exercises like scuba diving, horse riding and kick boxing. There are obvious dangers of trying these exercises out. While you might as well fall while riding on a horse, there is every chance of scuba diving engendering gas bubbles to develop in the baby’s blood. Besides the recommended light weight exercises (walking, cycling etc) suggested here, you can also try out these exercises:

Lie on your right side with your left leg stretched and right leg positioned at 45 degrees—head resting over your forearm. You can place the other arm on the floor for support and lift the leg along the hip height for repetition. You can switch sides and repeat. This particular exercise is meant to strengthen your inner thighs and core

In order to strengthen your hamstrings, butt and quadriceps you can try out this particular exercise:

Take a sturdy chair and stand parallel to it. Rest one of your arms on the chair and feet parallel to each other at hip distance. Pull your belly button in and up while keeping your legs and toes at 45 degrees. Keep your back straight and lower your torso to the best of your ability by bending your knees. The straightening of your legs would mean that you are back in your former position. You can repeat the exercise as per your comfort.

If you are currently reading about the phenomenal weight loss success stories post pregnancy (just to keep yourself inspired) then know for a fact that fat loss after pregnancy is facilitated by the exercises which you do while you are pregnant. These exercises should be tried out primarily during your trimesters.


Just because you cannot embark on a grueling fitness routine during your pregnancy it does not necessarily mean that you would go on piling unnecessary flesh. As is already mentioned, pregnancy is associable with natural weight gain. However, in order to prevent abnormal weight gain make sure you are watching your diet a bit.

Last but not the least, a very happy “mommyhood” ladies!

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