How To Build Muscle Fast And Be The Owner Of An Ideal Male Body

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Those days are gone when celebs only used to flaunt their highly toned body, larger and better muscles. Now-a- days average men are also fascinated with attractive looking body and  do all the necessary requirements to get their desired body.

The men are becoming much more conscious about their body and they have learnt to think in the way as the celebs do. So today’s gyms are overcrowded by teenagers to middle aged men and all of them target to have a body of envy.

More gyms are also coming up with good infrastructures and professional trainers which in-turn has become an added advantage for all those who want perfectly toned muscles. Everybody needs to be aware of the fact that if you use your muscles more it will automatically get stronger and on the contrary the muscles which you don’t use frequently will become weaker.

So if you dream bigger and stronger muscles then you will have to do plenty of exercises, sports and also have to follow certain diet regimes.  Plenty of exercises will help you to pump blood in your muscles and make them grow stronger and bigger.

How to build muscle fast

You may idolize the super toned body of celebs like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others but have no clue how to achieve it. Body building has taken its momentum amongst the youngsters which is actually not an easy task because you need to strictly follow certain dos and don’ts.  So your quest for an attractive body and bigger and stronger muscles are over because here I will share with you 10 killer tips to build muscle fast.

All the men who are standing in the queue to have an attractive body so that they can impress their girlfriends, fiancée and colleagues don’t just waste your time and start following the tips which now I am going to share with you.


  • How to build muscle fast : Identify the exact amount of calorie needed

The calorie requirement actually depends on your age, sex, body weight and most importantly the lifestyle you follow. For your reference I am sharing a mathematical calculation. You need to multiply your current body weight in pounds to 20. If your weight is 120 pounds then it will be 120 x 20 =2400 calories daily. Don’t get too much shocked because may be you are not habituated with so much of eating in a day but gradually if you try to follow this you will be able to fit yourself with the amount of calorie intake per day as specified above.

muscle building workouts

  • How to build muscle fast : Choose a perfectly suitable workout

Practice those workouts that suits your body and it is advisable to take a professional help because there are huge number of muscle building workouts but it is only possible for a professional trainer to decide which workouts will be suitable for you because what suits others may not be applicable for your body type. Your trainer can customize workout regime which is instructed according to your fitness level, health condition and your requirements.

Work Out

  • How to build muscle fast : Divide workout sessions

For optimum result you need to divide the workout sessions into preferably 3-4 sessions and in each session just keep your focus on maximum 2-3 muscle groups. This will in turn help you to overload your muscles properly. Taking rest after the session is highly essential. Don’t train and stress your same muscle group daily or 3-4 times a week because it may result in overtraining and end up with severe injury.

  • How to build muscle fast : Start exercising the big muscle group

According to the studies performed it is desirable to start training the big muscle groups because it kick start the muscle building process and automatically end up with faster and bigger muscle procurement. You should focus on these muscle groups at least once a week. The leg, chest and obviously back muscles are amongst the largest muscle groups that you can deal with.


  • How to build muscle fast : Progressive Lifting

You will have to shock your muscle which are used to pulling heavy weights time and again by constantly changing the weights you lift. Suppose if you are training bench press then go on adding weights in equal proportion ( like 10,20,30 and so on) to every week of training with the weight you use on the first week of training. The procedure will remain same for other body parts.

Progressive Lifting ensures that your muscles do not stop growing. The additional weights lead to grow more muscle fibers to balance the load given.

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  • How to build muscle fast: Reorder your exercise regime

If you are habituated training 3-4 times a day may be focusing on two body parts just take the initiative to stretch it to 6-7 days working focusing only one body part per day. If you try chest and biceps on Mondays and back and triceps on Wednesdays just reorder it like chest and triceps then back and biceps. By this you can put emphasis on your biceps and triceps which will help your body to grow more muscle fibers.

  • How to build muscle fast : Partial lifting is recommended

Partial lifting is recommended to have optimum outcome. Don’t lift full weight at one go instead plan it like pulling  a third of the way on the first set, two thirds on the second and full lifts in the third. Reverse the weights to lift more on the first set and less on the second and third.


  • How to build muscle fast : Ample rest is needed

Don’t forget to take ample and appropriate rest after going through each session of workout because we know that muscles are broken down due to heavy stress of exercise. When we rest they are normally rebuilt and sometimes grow back bigger and stronger.  You can easily do that by performing strength training on alternate days. Proper rest is supported by minimum 8 hours of quality sleep because if you will be deprived of a good amount of sleep then you will definitely lack energy as you won’t be able to release the stress arising out of your workout session.. So you need to give proper concentration on this matter.

proper nutrition

  • How to build muscle fast : Concentrate on proper nutrition

To build muscle fast you need adequate amount of energy for the body and so you need to eat more than you were habituated before.

Another important thing you should never forget is the quality and type of calories consumed. Be sure consuming enough complex carbohydrates throughout the whole day and simple sugars are reserved for post-workout period.

Protein is highly essential in your diet at a quantity of about 1.5-2 grams per pound of body weight per day. Consuming fats and the most calorie-rich macronutrient also has its own advantages.

Eating consistently and constantly for six or more times per day will result in nutrients and energy availability for the body going through growing process.

Drinking surplus water throughout the process is also advisable for aiding nutrient transportation and storage within muscle tissues which ultimately leads to more intense growth. Avoid alcohol for better result.


  • How to build muscle fast : Proper Use of Supplements

Supplements are necessary to fill up the nutritional gaps so it can’t act as the only source of nutrients to your body. If your body do not get enough nutrients from the food you consume your body will stop producing more muscles and here comes the need of supplements to fulfil these gaps

I can suggest some of the popular supplements available in market  like Whey protein powder, Casein protein, Creatine, Branched-Chain amino Acids (BCAAs) and Glutamine

While building muscle you should not forget that trimming is most important so that you can flaunt those big and tough muscles for which you might have worked so hard. Since you have been eating more and pulling heavy weights to build muscles initially during the first phase of your training but getting lean is essentially the another phase of training. The first phase of training will gift you bigger muscles along with stubborn fat around your arms, torso and legs. These are the deposited fats that have occurred during muscle gaining process as because that time you are in the phase of overeating. So to have a perfectly toned body and big and tough muscle fast you need to plan both of those contradictory phases.

During resting days you can do running, walking and aerobic exercise to lose fat. But definitely cardio exercise is not recommended during weight training days as they may also burn muscles.

Building muscle is not a very simple affair and is bit time consuming but if you follow the above mentioned suggestions you will definitely get your expected result and that too within shortest possible time.

Best wishes and enjoy practicing.

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