How To Reduce Belly Fat: Exploring A Few Ideas

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Gone are the days when middle aged people- both and men and women—accepted abdominal fat as an intrinsic part of ageing. Visceral fat can well be regarded as an incorrigible bane more for the middle aged women than it is for men of same age. However (and quite fortunately!), an increasing number of people is ready to address this issue rather than resting on their laurels and accepting it as part of growing old. Perhaps, earlier people were not aware of the fact that the fat pockets parked in the midsection of the body are responsible for a number of serious diseases including type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Visceral fat resting deep within the abdominal cavity is often responsible for blocking the spaces between the abdominal organs. Don’t be surprised if you end up learning that the deep lying visceral fat has been responsible for triggering various metabolic disturbances. In women, abdominal fat is often linked to gall bladder discrepancies and breast cancer. Scary? Willing to learn how to reduce belly fat? We believe that our primer here can help you.

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Fighting those stubborn fat pockets, resting on the mid-portion of your body is definitely not a walk in the park (it’s literally not, given the kind of intense training people resort to in order to shed those portions). However, you definitely are not alone in your fight. A casual internet search will leave you with a barrage of suggestions— “don’t eat sugar”, “aim for at least 50 sit ups a day” or for that matter “if nothing is working go for Bariatric surgery”. All said and “heard” it is important for you to pick the right combination of diet and exercise which will be effective when it comes to the reduction of belly fat.

How to reduce belly fat

Subcutaneous fat is the pear shaped fat parked in the abdominal area while the apple shaped fat in the same region is known as visceral fat. There are various factors including hormones and heredity which contribute to the growth of abdominal fat. Fortunately enough it is fairly easy to target visceral fat with the help of diet and exercise. Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is difficult to get rid of. The only saving grace in this respect is that, normal weight people with subcutaneous fat are not exposed to health risks as people with visceral fat are. So, your first responsibility would be to adjudge your own body shape and take measures in accordance. For instance, if you have subcutaneous fat, you know that you’re dealing with obstinate fat and a string of quick exercises might not yield results as fast as you would expect them to. Given below are a few tips for people willing to find out how to reduce belly fat.

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Diet is Important but Crash Dieting has never been the answer 

As already indicated above, it is very important to adopt a knowledgeable approach towards fitness. It is absolutely erroneous on your part to assume that you can actually hit the right shape by resorting to a crash diet. A regular and proper weight loss regime is much more effective than crash diets. You just need to pay attention to the right diet size for your body. Replace simple carbohydrates with lean protein. Needless to mention, fruits, whole grains and whole vegetables are much more effective than sugary drinks and white bread. And, try out trans-fat instead of saturated fats.


Overall, it is absolutely important to track your food habit and figure out what you are eating. Though most of us know it is important to eat “right”, we are simply clueless about what the right diet is! The key is not to overestimate or underestimate whatever you are eating — low proteins or high carbs whatever it is. You are not required to “watch” every bite you take. However, tracking things just for a while or so remains effective.


Try out Aerobics

Needless to mention, exercises are important for a long and healthy life. Aerobic exercises are considered to be an effective remedy for belly fat. Regular jogging, walking, swimming and running can help a lot. In fact, there are several studies which have shown that aerobic exercises have positively contributed to reduction of belly fat. Patience is key here. It is very important to concentrate on long term goals instead of short term ones. It is easy to give up. It is easy for normal weight people not to pay attention to their belly fat at all. It is even easier for them to give up quickly once they notice no desirable change taking place in a month or so. This is perhaps the perfect time to retrospect. Weight loss is a long drawn process. However, are you taking an abnormally long period of time to get rid of your fat? Perhaps yours is subcutaneous fat which, in general, is known to frustrate people! Perhaps it is time to consult a doctor! Or just to give yourself a bit more time!

Whatever it is, please do not commit the mistake of resting on your laurels completely!

Try out Foods Rich in Viscous Fiber!

Fiber is very effective when it comes to binding water and form a thick gel which settles on your gut. This gel in return slows down the movement of the food to your stomach thereby making the digestion process sluggish as well. So, you feel “filled” for a prolonged period of time without giving in to the temptation of binging every now and then. This definitely has a positive effect on your weight loss regime. As per a recent study, if you take 14 grams of additional fiber each day you might as well end up with a ten percent decrease in calorie intake resulting in weight loss of up to 2 kgs over around 3 to 4 months. (source:

viscous fiber

As per another study (conducted for over a period of about 5 years) the intake of 10 grams of soluble fiber had actually been connected to a reduction of 3.7% of reduction of fat in abdominal cavity though there was no noticeable impact on fat under the skin. And those who are willing to find out more, we have more on ways to reduce belly fat

Is Surgery the answer to your woes?

Bariatric surgery is recommended for people who are looking forward to shrinking the volume of their stomach. The entire surgical procedure is aimed at making people feel more “filled” sooner than usual which again helps in weight loss. However, surgeons strictly maintain that only if you are unable to secure results even after persistent (non surgical) efforts then you are considered to be the right candidate for the treatment. So, the bottom-line is to turn to surgical treatment only after your back is pushed against the wall (as far as weight loss is concerned). Once again you are required to acquaint yourself thoroughly about this particular treatment before exploring its benefits.

The treatment entails the reduction of the size of the stomach with the help of a gastric band. The surgeon can alternately remove an insignificant part of your stomach or resect the small intestine to a small pouch.


According to the US National Institutes of Health, this particular surgery is recommended for obese people having a BMI or body mass index of at least 40. If you have a BMI of 35 and have serious health issues to contend with then you can be deemed fit for this particular surgery as well.

As per, a study was conducted on 197 obese individuals who had undergone this particular surgery (i.e. gastric bypass). The weight loss risk factors of this particular group were actually compared to that of a similar group of obese people who had not undergone any such surgery. The study required all the individuals to follow a strict diet and fitness regime. Much to the astonishment of the people carrying out the study, the group consisting of the people who had undergone the surgery lost around 75 to 77 pounds on an average, while people from the other group had barely lost any extra kilo. Plus, the BMI dropped by 15 points and LDL cholesterol plummeted by around 40 points!

Modern researches have shown that gastric bypass surgery has been able to yield significant impact on the hormones which govern the sensation of hunger in individuals. The secretion of Hunger reducing hormones like peptides had been noticeably changed post 6 weeks after the surgery. So, this particular surgery is known to demonstrate much better results than it used to in the earlier times.


Last but not the least, it is very important to accumulate the right tips which work for “your” body. There is no point in beating round the bush by trying out every weight reduction hack out there. It is very important to pick the right exercise, diet, medicine and treatment for you and study the health risks posed by them.

If you have any Questions or Suggestions, Just let me know in the comments!

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