Jamie Morgan Sheds Off 210 Pounds; Aims For a Leaner Frame!

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Jamie Morgan. The name might not ring a bell immediately. However, fitness fanatics or for that matter, most of you all who are familiar with LoseIt or Reddit, might as well be aware of her accomplishments. In the recent past, she made news for knocking off a whopping 210 (From 368- 158) pounds of her body weight. Her weight-loss journey, needless to mention, needed to be shared with the world and appreciated. So, it was. Rick (Jamie Morgan’s husband) had put up her inspiring fat loss story on the aforementioned platforms (i.e. LoseIt or Reddit Fitness) and within 4 days both these forums together had garnered around thousand comments from the community members— an experience described as truly “rewarding” by Morgan herself.


Before delving in to the details of Morgan’s incredible weight loss journey it would only be useful to mention that she was “consciously” obese. A string of unfortunate issues led her to constant bingeing—an act branded as “depression” by friends. According to the 38-year-old, ex-participant of a figure-competition, it was the combination of depression, binge eating and sedentary lifestyle which had contributed to the seemingly unmanageable weight gain. Her parents’ early divorce, molestation, unexpected loss of mother and job loss which consequently pushed her on the verge of bankruptcy found Morgan completely divorcing herself from professional or social activities. She found comfort in cheeseburgers, fried foods and pizza— only to be overwhelmed with guilt till she served herself the next meal.

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The realization

Morgan’s brilliant fat loss journey was initiated with a “realization”. Morgan wanted to lead a more revitalized lifestyle sans all those extra pounds. She wanted to move around more and do more. Here is a brief breakdown of her inspirational journey from “fat” to “fit”.


Morgan had resorted to counseling on her friend’s advice as a means of combating depression. Six months in to counseling, she identified the infallible link between food and her emotional state and wanted to do something about it.


Even before she had embarked on a rigorous exercise regimen, she tried to control her dietary intake. Morgan took help of a local dietician, since she herself did not know anything about the right nutrients and sizes of meals.


Physical fitness only came in to the picture once Morgan felt more confident with her body after a few days of eating right. Though she wasn’t comfortable with a gym workout, she stepped up her exercise routine at home. Then she joined a gym where she was mainly doing cardio before she went on to try out TRX classes.

And then those magic words….!

Morgan weighed something around 195 pounds when one of the figure competitors enquired whether she would be interested to participate in a figure competition or not. Though hesitant initially, she did go on to join the NPC show later. Though she didn’t win she counts it as one of the memorable events in her repertoire of her fat-loss endeavors.


4 years’ of sweat, hard work and a well-scheduled fitness regimen have resulted in a whopping 210-pound weight loss. Morgan’s transformation has been complete. It has not really remained confined within her physical attributes. Today, she is upbeat about the positive changes that her fitness routine can bring further. What started off as an endeavor to lose physical weight has transpired into something “socially” positive as well. Gone are the days when she would shy away from her friends and family. Today, her network of acquaintances includes athletes, fitness fanatics, personal trainers and bodybuilders— all driven by the common passion for physical well-being.

Morgan’s fitness story is far from being over. Today, she looks for avenues to encourage similar sufferers embrace a more positive outlook towards life and wellness— sans crash diets, pills or insane workouts.

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