The 3 Week Diet Review: Can This Diet Plan Help You to lose pounds?

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Review of: The 3 Week Diet

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On July 25, 2015
Last modified:August 20, 2015


Going by the Facebook recommendations (it has over 7000 recommendations till now) and the homepage testimonials – the product does deliver what it promises! One of the biggest pros of this diet plan is that it does not have any side effect. You can always try it out just to see whether it works or not without fearing any untoward spin-off.

The 3-week diet system, introduced by fitness expert Brian Flatt, is one of the most talked-about fitness programs on the internet today. This particular program guarantees substantial weight loss within 21 days. According to the website (, one can end up losing 12 to 23 pounds in just 21 days, provided he/she is committed to sticking to the diet plan expounded by Flatt in his 95-page e-book titled, “The 3 Week Diet Plan”. Once you visit the website, you’re flooded with a series of testimonials of people claiming that they have been successful in reducing 23 pounds in 21 days or 17 pounds in 12 days or 11 pounds in the first week itself. How, true are these claims? Does the 3 Week Diet work at all, or is it just all hype and no substance?

If you are really looking forward to exploring the benefits of this diet-based fitness program, then make sure you’re going through a few unbiased The 3 week diet reviews. Our review of the 3 Week Diet Plan will deal with all its aspects – the basics, the creator and more importantly, the pros and cons to help you determine whether it will work for you or not. So, let us find out!

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The 3 week diet reviews: all you wanted to find out about the 3 week diet plan

Now, we must say, that Flatt has made very bold claims in the website. The program is described as a “Foolproof, Science-based Diet that’s 100% Guaranteed to Melt Away 12- 23 Pounds of Stubborn Body Fat in just 21 days.” There are innumerable products, which make such tall claims on the internet only to come up short. So, it’s only natural if you are a bit apprehensive about such products advertised on digital platforms. So, let us explore whether the 3 Week Diet Plan is worth your money or not.

What is The 3 Week Diet Plan?

As already mentioned above, “The 3 Week Diet Plan” is an elaborate 95-page guide that guarantees that you will lose up to 23 pounds in just three weeks. It is a diet plan, which seeks results with diet, exercise, will-power and motivation. The book is primarily divided in to four segments including:

  • The Introduction Manual (43 pages)
  • The Diet Manual (22 pages)
  • The Exercise Manual (17 pages)
  • Will Power, Mindset and Motivation Manual (13 pages)

 Let us start with Brian Flatt – the creator of this program. It gets easier for you to decide about a particular product, when you’re aware of the credentials of the maker. So, here it is.

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 Who is Brian Flatt?

Brian Flatt is a health coach, sports nutritionist and personal trainer with a biology degree from the San Diego University. He is at the helm (i.e. the owner) of REV Fitness in Southern California. Flatt has been in the industry since the 90s. He has successfully helped several people address weight issues. The e-book, “The 3 Week Diet Plan” is a result of his extensive research in his area of specialization – diet and fitness.

Flatt has come up with a very simple “dietary” way of losing fat. You do not need to adopt a rigorous diet routine in order to knock off pounds from your waist, belly and thighs. This particular diet plan encourages your body to store the fat, which is already there for energy requirements. Once you’re done storing this fat, your body will enter the starvation mode where it starts burning the body fat for energizing the liver, heart and other important organs.

The 3 week diet plan: The Manuals

Introduction Manual:

The Introduction Manual introduces you to the basic science behind the functionality of your body. It explains how the body stores and burns fat and also informs you about the supplements, which should be taken along with the diet. Here, Flatt explains that you require three weeks to burn fat. Users will come to know why.

Diet Manual:

This segment makes you aware of the food, which you need to take and those which you should avoid. You require a personalized diet plan. You will come to know why you should avoid certain dishes, at any cost, as they prevent the process of fat burning. You will learn how you can calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and how much fat your body needs to burn in order to create the fat burning environment inside your body. The tips shared here will help you to “time” your meals properly and balance body hormones effectively as well.

Exercise Manual:

This section highlights the importance of doing a few exercises regularly. These exercises will accelerate the whole fat burning process thereby delivering results faster. Once again, they aren’t really rigorous exercises. They will just take up 20 to 30 minutes of your time—thrice a week. You should particularly watch out for the Midsection Miracle Workout. It has two efficient exercises, which will help you get those killer abs in three weeks!

Will Power, Mindset and Motivation Manual:

This section is a very thoughtful addition to the book. There are several people who give up weight loss efforts because they are not motivated enough to continue the battle against weight loss. This section tries to show how our thoughts lead to actions. Our actions are influenced by our habits – our habits are influenced by our thoughts and our thoughts are governed by our feelings. So, in a way, if we cannot “feel positive” about anything we cannot do anything positive about the same. This section reinforces the need for positivity in our thoughts and feelings, which, in turn, can inspire positivity in our actions. Even the staunchest of critics (if any) of this e-book can’t help but agree with at least this particular point.

The author goes on to explain that if someone is really serious about shedding a substantial amount of weight then he/she must be ready to follow the four steps to effective weight loss:

Detoxification: First Phase

This particular phase is tailor made for individuals who want to lose fat very fast. This one focuses on the fat pumping organ of our bodies- i.e. the liver. You are instructed to take vitamins A, D and C to detoxify liver and other body organs. This bolsters the sensitivity of insulin and accelerates the adrenalin function of the fat burning process. The user needs to follow this phase for 7 days. There are 17 vegetables (constituting 6 sources of protein) recommended here. You can expect to get rid of 10 to 15 pounds by following the instructions mentioned here. You need to follow this particular phase for the first 7 days before stepping on to the next one.

Fasting: Second Phase

Fasting is a natural way of burning fat. It helps you maintain the fat-burning environment in an efficient manner. You need to start fasting from the last meal of the seventh day till the last meal of the 8th day. You can gorge on anything right after you have broken your fast. However, be careful enough to keep your carbohydrate levels in check.

Fat fasting: Third Phase

This phase commences on the 9th day and continues till the 11th day. During this period, the body burns the stored fat from the belly and the hips region. This is a scientific way of burning fat. After these phases, your body starts craving for fat. Your liver has been getting the essential fat from all the calories consumed for all these days. Once you stop providing that essential amount of fat to your liver, it starts procuring fat from the muscles. Your liver needs this fat to generate energy. Therefore, it is important for you to provide this particular amount of fat to your body.

Basal metabolic rate: Fourth Phase

This is the fourth and last phase of the 3 week diet plan, whereby the user needs to identify his or her unique BMR and consume calories in accordance. The calories to be consumed by you depend on your Basal Metabolic Rate and your own weight loss goals. This period extends from the 12th to the 21st day. With the completion of this phase you can expect to gain the much coveted abs!

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The 3 week diet: How easy or difficult is it to get started?

The book has no hard copy in the market yet. However, once you pay and download the e-book, it turns out to be immensely easy to get started with the diet plan the next day itself! It is very easy to zero in on a custom diet plan. You can get the whole thing done in just an hour or so! The scientifically-proven diet plan can be tried out by anyone irrespective of his/her body type or eating habits. This is one of the best attributes of this book.

If you are ready to embark on the diet plan introduced by Brian Flatt, you need to ensure that you’re sticking to it unflinchingly. It’s not a magic pill. It is not supposed to help you in two or three days. For complete results, you need to abide by each and every instruction documented in the book. Please remember a change in your diet plan also requires a change in your habits and if you are not able to do that you should not really buy the book at the first place.

What are the merits and demerits of the 3 week diet plan?

One of the best attributes of this diet program is that it can be tried by everyone regardless of his/her body types and weight loss objectives. Here are other pros of the program listed for you

  • This particular program has been tried by Flatt himself. Sources reveal that he went on to write this book only after trying out each and every step that he has described in this book- on himself. This particular aspect goes on to bolster the credibility of this program in a major way
  • Besides weight loss, this program has other health benefits as well—increased energy and better ways of dealing with cellulites among others
  • This results in fast weight loss and therefore can be tried out by you if you’re looking forward to attend a reunion party in a month or for that matter a friend’s wedding. Flatt has been successful in proving that the adage “only slow weight loss is safe” is nothing more than a myth
  • It has a 60-day full money back guarantee as well – it only goes on to re-establish the efficacy of this plan
  • You can expect results from very easy home-based workouts
  • Flatt’s credentials as a fitness expert are also a plus

Cons :

It gets a bit cumbersome to turn to your mobile or PC every time you want to clarify confusions regarding your diet plan during these 21 days. The book is not available in hard copy. And, that is a huge flaw! Here are other cons:

  • The plan will require you to take supplements — this is something that may not suit everyone
  • Some critics also rue the lack of more scientific evidence in the book
  • Supplements might end up costing you more

Does this product work? 

Going by the Facebook recommendations (it has over 7000 recommendations till now) and the homepage testimonials – the product does deliver what it promises! One of the biggest pros of this diet plan is that it does not have any side effect. You can always try it out just to see whether it works or not without fearing any untoward spin-off. However, make sure that you’re following all its suggestions without fail. You cannot end up criticizing the book if “you” haven’t been able to follow what it says. So, get your copy today and start experimenting! It is available for $47 now!

Hope this particular The 3 Week Diet Plan Review has been of help. Weight loss doesn’t get easier than this!

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