The lady who knocked off twenty pounds by binging!

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Scripting miraculous fat loss stories is not really a walk in the park. While some have had to grapple long with their eating habits there are others who had initially found it irksome to hit the gym— all in order to achieve a leaner (read fat-free) frame. And, it’s their will to overcome these difficulties that helped them create inspirational fat loss stories. However, health and fitness writer Nicole McDermott has a very different (but no less inspiring) fitness story to share. Very interestingly, she had managed to shed off 20 pounds by gorging on full-fat cheese, butter, and gnocchi garnished with Gorgonzola sauce!!! According to her, she had actually ended up gaining a whopping 30 pounds when she was doing (read eating) everything “right”. Those who are intrigued might read on.

Nicole Mcdermott

When Nicole was eating right….according to her!

Nicole has a very fascinating take on fitness and it goes without saying that she speaks more from personal experience rather than from extensive reading. She insists on indulging (in terms of food), every now and then— though you are not supposed to make them a regular habit. She is driven by the simple philosophy that occasional indulgences help you offer due resistance from going overboard with your eating habits. For instance, your resolve to shed those extra pounds might fall flat if you are skipping breakfast only to overeat during dinner. Her story goes like this:

Throughout her entire college life, Nicole’s diet consisted of stuff like:

  • Yogurt
  • Black coffee
  • Fat free (94%) popcorn made in microwave
  • Low carb noodles

Needless to mention, she was a stickler for healthy diet, refusing even a single full cheese pizza (she only had half of it) on occasions. Quite unfortunately though, she only ended up finding that she had added 30 pounds to her frame during the period extending from her freshman years till the time she graduated from her college.

….And when she decided to binge for a span of two weeks

However, it was during her trip to Switzerland and Italy that she threw caution to the wind only to gorge on a wide array of gourmet delights ranging from mozzarella layered Caprese salad to prawns smeared with lemon butter. And voila! When she came back she surprisingly found her snug shorts slipping down from her waist. She had got rid of ten pounds and had gone on to lose another 10 by sticking to her new found fitness mantra— integrate an overall healthy diet in your regime but (as already mentioned above) pamper yourself  with junk food on occasions.

Nicole sincerely believes that the road to achieving that perfect frame is strewn with difficulties. It is quite challenging to lead a healthy lifestyle with a hectic schedule to follow up to. Those, who are leading a desk-bound lifestyle, would vouch for this. Implementing minor changes in the routine can help you achieve your fitness goals as well.

So though Nicole herself is not a certified fitness instructor or dietician, she has been able to knock off those stubborn fat pockets from her body by:

  • Resorting to a protein-rich breakfast: She is strictly against skipping meals as she believes that with an empty appetite you tend to overeat during lunch and dinner
  • Refraining from skipping snacks: It is not really prudent to exclude snacks from diet thinking that you would lose weight. In fact, low calorie food might often lead to low metabolism rate. Several researches have revealed that regular skipping of meals throughout the day might often end up in delayed insulin. So, the next time you plan to skip meals, make sure that you are totally aware of the consequences!
  • Chewing your food slowly: Gulping your food in a rush makes it difficult for your body to take full advantage of the food you are eating

Last but not the least; she completely endorses the intake of fat if it’s not combined with carbs as it’s the blend which causes more damage rather than fat itself.


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