The Venus Factor Review: Is This Diet Plan Suitable for You?

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On August 9, 2015
Last modified:August 20, 2015


The Venus Factor weight loss plan is tailor made for individual needs. It is a customized nutrition plan – created to meet various needs of different women. A woman’s fitness level, age, weight, and body type are a few factors, which have been kept in view while the program has been designed.

In regular weight loss programs for women they typically have to do a lot of exercises and undergo a strict diet regime. The Venus Factor System offers something different. It is a diet plan for women, which promises great results without making too many changes in diet. You do not even have to do a lot of exercises in order to lose weight. This program is designed for people who are looking to knock off around 15-30 pounds in quick time and without making a lot of changes to what they eat and how they work out. The Venus Factor diet system is regarded as a “revolution” and “game changer” by many. It is supposed to be one of the safest, smartest and most effective ways to get that lean frame within a very short period of time.

Now before you start working on this plan there are certain things that you need to be very clear about. Do you know about the Venus Factor Diet Plan? Are you willing to try it out? We understand that it is not easy to try out an experimental weight loss program without going through some genuine reviews of the same. The Venus Factor review offered by us can help you if you want to know about the program before you try it. 

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The Venus Factor Review: Describing the Venus Factor Diet Plan :

The Venus Factor weight loss plan is tailor made for individual needs. It is a customized nutrition plan – created to meet various needs of different women. A woman’s fitness level, age, weight, and body type are a few factors, which have been kept in view while the program has been designed.

This particular plan describes the food one has to take each day and includes information about various nutritional aspects. The meal plans prescribed in the plan are very easy to follow. The guidelines given in the program will vary as per the different stages of nutritional requirements. The entire diet plan is explained in detail. So, it is basically very easy to follow!

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The Diet :

The meal timings and plans are given in great detail. Each and every individual needs to maintain a regular calorie level. The levels of calorie maintained by these individuals will influence these meal timings and plans. When it comes to diet, you should follow some of these guidelines:

  • Rotate sweeteners
  • Eat less hot button foods
  • Drink limited amount of beverages (as low as possible)
  • Reduce sugar intake
  • Take carbohydrates in any form as you wish
  • 70% of the carbohydrates should be consumed from low-calorie foods

It must be mentioned that the entire weight loss plan is based on leptin-oriented diet. It is all about manipulating the level of leptin generated by female bodies on a constant basis. Women’s bodies have the capacity to produce greater amounts of this hormone (leptin) than what their male counterparts can do. Leptin has the power to produce noticeable weight loss results if manipulated by proper diet. According to this diet plan, it is your body, which does most of the work. The diet enables proper biochemical reactions that facilitate weight loss. The hormones in your weight are controlled by targeted exercise. The program asks you to make some small changes to your lifestyle.

The diet plan employs a very effective Reverse Taper Protocol to make sure that your diet fits well with the ability of your body to burn fat.

Exercises :

The whole Venus Factor program consists of several workouts, which will help you get in shape. The workout videos make it easier for you to adopt the correct postures while exercising. The online support community is a brilliant addition to this platform. Here the community members have the opportunity to learn from each other, share experiences as well as advice each other. The workouts make up the second part of the plan.

The program contains a very agreeable mix of lifts and cardiovascular exercises. Fitness experts, in general, are quite satisfied with this particular aspect of Venus Factor program.

Meal Timing as Described in Venus Factor :

In order to make use of the body’s natural leptin cycle you should resort to a 12 hour fast (overnight). You should follow up the 12 hour overnight fast with little food intake in the morning. Since you have had a fast the previous night, you might as well find it hard to resist eating too much in the following morning but the key is to stay driven throughout. Take more calories as the day progresses. There shouldn’t, however, be very large gaps in the leptin cycle. In order to ensure that you have the necessary amount of calories the Venus Factor System consists of “eat up” days, which permit you to consume calories as per your calorie-maintenance level.

It has been said that this program will not only help you knock off unwanted fat from different regions of your body but also help you build muscles to get that lean and mean look you have always wanted!

The whole program is all about :

  • A manual offering you the basic-weight loss guidelines supported by the leptin diet meals, and a 12-week workout system (every single detail is mentioned properly)
  • An application to consult your virtual nutritionist
  • The ability to use the Venus Factor chat room and community

Now, the venus factor does it work? Since you have an idea what this whole diet plan is, let us explore whether, at all, this plan works or not. Glancing through these pros and cons will help you in this regard. However, before delving into further details, let us find out a bit about the creator of this particular diet plan. This is an important part of the Venus Factor review presented by us since we believe that getting to know the credentials of the creator will actually help you in making up your mind as to whether it will be worth your while or not.

John Barban has dedicated around 10 years of his life to come up with one of the safest diet plans for women. It was not before decades that he was able to understand the true equation between food, exercise, hormones, diet and weight loss and that’s how he came up with the plan.

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Does Venus Factor work?

The Venus Factor Program has been publicized as a dietary plan which is suitable for women who are not ready to perform rigorous exercises or introduce major changes in diet in a bid to lose weight. The plan supposedly not only helps you knock off unwanted flesh but also helps you achieve a lean and yet muscular frame. Is it at all possible to get rid of at least 15 to 30 pounds just with the help of subtle dietary changes? Would it be possible for you to develop muscles at the right places without a comprehensive workout regime? Let us unlock all the answers by discussing the pros and cons of Venus Factor.

Pros of Venus Factor :

The entire program has been presented in a very user-friendly fashion. As already mentioned above, the videos actually end up helping woman “see” what they are going to practice.

The support community turns out to be of immense help as well. Here, the members can relax, discuss their progress with the program and come across actual opinions of members who have tried or are trying out this diet.

The entire program is based on a very healthy equation between exercises and nutrition. The exercises are meant to target areas where fat is stored. Women, in general, are educated about ways to maintain a healthy balance between exercises and nutrition.

Leptin is described as one of the primary factors responsible for triggering hunger in women’s bodies. Now, the entire Venus Factor Program is designed to help women keep the levels of leptin under control. Greater levels of leptin result in greater hunger and the eventual consumption of more food (which leads to weight gain in the end). The whole program requires women to make some changes to their nutrition. This, in turn, results in the brain generating lower amounts of leptin.

Since Barban has done extensive research on the subject, it is believed that the Venus Factor Diet is based on actual research which is based on scientific processes.

One of the foremost merits of this program is that it comes with money back guarantee! This is one factor, which makes the program credible in a major way.

It is incredibly easy to access this program. It is available in the form of e-books, podcasts, downloadable programs, apps, fitness regimes, calculators for calories as well as menu plans.

Last, but not the least, the ladies – members of the community – have been praised a lot for the incredible support they have lent to the program. There is not the least bit of cattiness observed here.

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Cons of Venus Factor :

Critics of this particular program opine that its focus on leptin diet is one of its major downsides. There is actually no hard and fast rule, which says that the metabolism rate of all the women is based on leptin. So, it might as well turn out to be absolutely ineffective for certain people out there.

Will it work for you?

It can as well be said that the leptin diet, in general, does not really have a major side effect that one needs to worry about. However, you can always get your doctor’s advice regarding the safety of this program before trying it.


It is very important to remember that the program will most probably turn out to be utterly ineffective for women who are looking to shed a lot of weight. It is only possible to knock off around 10 to 30 pounds of weight. There are people who say that the whole program focuses on making you look better and but not fitter than before. It means that you literally cannot expect to look muscular that one generally looks like right after a grueling gym session. Hope the Venus Factor Review offered by us will help you make the right decision regarding buying and then trying it.

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